So Murray State, what happens now?

Isaiah Canaan had 31 in the Racers first loss on Thursday night.

-So, it happened. Murray State lost for the first time. That sound you’re hearing is all the media passes getting cancelled — not that we are, we’ll be there.

But really, this was a shot at (at least) regular season perfection that while it had a chance, didn’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things. Teams get hot, we’ve seen that in the past two NCAA tournaments, but how often does a team stay hot? Rarely often. Not all season. That’s why it’s been 36 years since a team ran the table. The talent overall in Division I college basketball is too good, the grind too grueling.

They’re 23-1 now after a 72-68 loss to Tennessee State, that’s just the facts.

The Racers gave it an honest go, and for all intents and purposes, they’ll still end up in the Dance come March, by virtue of winning the Ohio Valley Conference tournament or an at-large bid.

But the big question is: what do we all do now? Murray State has lost. As a result, their no. 7 ranking will be a thing of the past, and for that fact, probably any ranking above no. 15 with a loss to a 16-10 Tennessee State team.

Steve Prohm is a good coach, there’s no way this team stumbles anymore before March. But the one thing that unfortunately will get lost is that various outlets and talking heads won’t consider the Racers as good as they used to. When that’s just not the case.

This was by all means a bad game for Murray, their first of the season. Isaiah Canaan scored 31 points, only one other player, Dante Poole, scored double-figures, right at 10. They allowed the Tigers to shoot 48.1% percent overall and 45.5% from three-point range. TSU shoots 36.1% from three on the season.

Such as life as a mid-major. The Racers will be fine. I still think they could make a deep March run. But please, stick with the Racers. They still demand your attention.



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