So, exactly how bad is Binghamton?

Yea, that about sums it up.

-For those not up on it, the Binghamton Bearcats of the America East Conference are as bad as it gets when it comes to Division I basketball talent. They’re the last winless team in D-1, and it’s not even close.

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it.

First of all, they aren’t dead last in the KenPom Ratings. But damn it, they’re consistent when it comes to being at the bottom. In their 0-25 record, 14 of the L’s have been by 15 points or more. And it’s not like this team is playing a bunch of world beaters, the highest-rated team in any of the systems that they played? Drexel and Boston University at 57 in the KenPom at the time of defeat. Legit teams, but by no means anyone that most fear come tournament time. Their strength of schedule is 314th in the nation. Swoon.

They aren’t much better in the Sagarin Ratings, ranking 344 of 345 at 52.18 with a schedule he ranks as 326th in the nation. Both places, they outrank only Grambling State, which is ineligible for the postseason due to low APR over the last few years.

When looking at the KenPom, the Bearcats rank 300th or worst in 11 different categories, including 340th in both Adjusted Offensive Efficiency (84.1) and Adjusted Defensive Efficiency (115.3).

As a team, Binghamton shoots — ahem — 29.3 percent from 3-point range and 38. 7 percent overall. Two players, Rick Mansell (14.4) and Ben Dickerson (12.6) are in double-figures in scoring. The team’s average margin of defeat is 16.3 per game. By comparison, Kentucky’s average margin of victory this season? 19.9.

It really takes effort to suck as bad as Binghamton is. They’re getting shout-outs from alum Tony Kornheiser on Around The Horn. They’ve earned the negative pub, but this, in fairness, this is a squad that has fallen on hard times. Two seasons ago, five players were kicked off the team, due to a wealth of reasons, including Tiki Mayben, who was popped for selling crack cocaine and juggling a Division I scholarship (priorities!). The program imploded as a result of the internal academic investigation, and former coach Kevin Broadus, the man who led the team to the 2008-09 NCAA Tournament, lost his job.

To save face, they pulled themselves from 2009-10 postseason play and since then, coach Mark Macon, who took over for Broadus after he was forced out, has been having to reinvent the wheel. This is a team without a senior, which could served them well next season with everyone coming back.

This team was in Division III in the late 90’s. They moved up quickly and as a result, thought that to compete, they had to cheat. Everyone knows you need runners for that, which Binghamton can’t afford (Hi UCF!). But just ask Towson, when you have no expectations, the pressure is off.  That’s positive, right?

PHOTO: Deadspin/Google Images


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