Want to play now? Transfer to Iowa State!

Royce White is one of eight transfers on the Iowa State roster...and by far the one with the best hair (even if he did cut it off later.)

-Iowa State is the poster child for the one-year tournament push.

The Cyclones have eight transfers (six eligible, two redshirting) on their roster, and not only do they play, they produce. With five of their top scorers starting their careers on a different campus than the one they’re currently on in Ames.

What’s more interesting is that these aren’t mainly freshman transfers that have spent the last few years with the Cyclones. Michigan State guard Chris Allen is a one-year hired gun for coach Fred Hoiberg, with two other transfers — another Michigan State transfer in Korie Lucious and former Utah guard Will Clyburn — waiting in the wings for their final victory laps next season.

Iowa State’s biggest contributor, redshirt sophomore Royce White, spent a non-playing semester at Minnesota before deciding to take his game to Ames.

This proverbial Noah’s Ark of new faces came with the hiring of Hoiberg, now in his second season at the helm of his alma mater. Dude likes his experience, even if that experience came on a different home floor before last season.

It’s almost comical how Hoiberg stacked this team for a one-year run at glory, with White, Allen and already-on-campus redshirt senior and Marquette transfer Scott Christopherson all leading the way for Hilton Magic and a run at the Big Dance. It’s already helped the ‘Clones to a 20-win season, a no.34 ranking in the KenPom and a no.36 ranking in the Sagarin Ratings.

I can see the infomercial for a team like this. A current high-major Division-I player, contemplating his future at his current university, flips through the channels at 2 a.m. after a summer’s night of Busch Light and XBox and….

“Current program gotcha down? Need a fresh start but don’t want to feel like “that transfer” on your new team? Well there’s a place for you….IOWA STATE!

You’ll feel right at home in scenic Ames, IA, not only does coach Fred Hoiberg embrace the transfers, he’s made it a practice in only one season!

Not convinced? The Cyclones — who currently sit at 20-8 overall and 10-5 in the Big 12 — have not one, not two, not three, BUT EIGHT junior college or four-year program defections currently on their roster! 

And after your year-in-residence, not only will you play under the seemingly god-like majesty of Hilton Coliseum, YOU’LL GET RESULTS! Just ask our many satisfied transfers.

Royce White

r-Soph., Forward

Previous school: Minnesota

2011-12 stats: 12.9 points, 9.1 rebounds, leading the team in both categories.

Chris Allen

r-Sr., Guard

Previous school: Michigan State

2011-12 stats: 12.5 points, 82-percent from the free throw line.

Scott Christopherson

r-Sr., Guard

Previous school: Marquette

2011-12 stats: 11.5 points, 45.5 percent (51-for-112) from 3-point range.

Tyrus McGee

Jr., Guard

Previous school: Crowley County Community College

2011-12 stats: 8.6 points, 3.4 rebounds.

Chris Babb

r-Sr., Guard

Previous school: Penn State

2011-12 stats: 8.4 points, 4.3 rebounds.

If you’re keeping score at home — and we know you were  — that’s five of the top six scorers on the team, and they’re all, you guessed it, TRANSFERS!

So if you’re looking for a place to start over, fit in and produce in whatever amount of eligibility you have left, c’mon down to Iowa State. Where we not only take whatever transfers we can, WE TAKE THEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL!”

…So maybe Hoiberg has a future in sales if the whole coaching thing doesn’t work out. But while the success is coming in droves now, it’ll be more interesting to see if he can maintain this next season. White could very well turn pro, Allen and Christopherson are gone, and insert Lucious, Clyburn while Babb will get his shot as the resident senior transfer.

It’s some that’s enamored this blog all season. It’s working, and sounds like a formula that Hoiberg is having short-term success with, but not one he should fall in to.